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Weekday Evening Paddles, Every Other Tuesday & Thursday at 6:00pm

Starting on April16th we will start our bi-weekly paddles on Eagle Creek Reservoir. We meet at the Dandy Trail boat ramp on the southern end of the reservoir, just northeast of Rick's Cafe Boatyard restaurant. We meet at 6:00pm and launch around 6:30pm. We will paddle around different sections of the lake for about two hours. This is a great event for beginners.

On the alternating weeks we go to Geist Reservoir on Thursday evenings. We launch at Geist Park located at 10979 Florida Road, Fortville, IN. Once again, we meet at 6:00pm and launch by 6:30pm for a two hour paddle. This is also good for beginners.

Cost: $25 for a single seat kayak and $35 for a tandem kayak.

Brush Creek Reservoir Moonlight Paddle, Saturday, May 18th 6:00pm 

North County Road 550 E, Butlerville, IN. Here is the map link:
We will meet at the Boat Ramp at 6:00pm and plan to be on the water by 6:30pm. From there we will paddle around the lake for 3+ hours. We've always seen several eagles here in the past. It's a nice lake with very little boat traffic. The military uses some of the adjacent land for training so we might see some of that. If not we may be able to check out the training village. Sunset is at 8:55pm and moonrise is nearly the same time. That means we should have good light the entire time we're on the water if there aren't any clouds.

Price: $50 for a single seat kayak and $60 for a tandem kayak.

Morse Reservoir Moonlight Paddle, Saturday, June 15th at 7:30pm


697 West Jackson Street · Cicero, IN

It will nearly be the Strawberry full moon so that means it's time for a moonlight paddle. We will meet at Red Bridge Park at 7:30pm and try to be on the water by 8:00pm. The moon rises at 7:41pm and the sun sets at 9:15pm so we should have good light the entire time if the sky is clear. We well paddle around the lake for two or three hours before we head back.

Price: $50 for a single kayak and $60 for a tandem kayak.

Blast on the Bridge Fireworks Show Thursday, July 4th at 7:45pm

Geist Park, 10979 Florida Road, Fortville, IN

Everybody loves fireworks so we're having a special night of Independence Day celebrations! Normally we'd have our Thursday evening paddle on Geist but we're going to make this change. Arrive around 7:45pm and we'll try to be on the water by 8pm. We will paddle past Olio Road and get as close to the Fall Creek Road bridge as we can safely to watch the fireworks show. We'll then paddle back to the launch site. We should return before midnight. Nothing beats watching fireworks from the water since the reflections add another dimension to the effect

Power boat traffic is expected to be EXTREMELY heavy so we will exercise extra caution. Everybody must have at least one bright white light and a whistle with them. We will stick close to shore at all times to stay out of the path of the other watercraft.

Cost: $25 for a single seat kayak and $35 for a tandem.

Summit Lake Moonlight Paddle Saturday, July 13th, at 7:30pm

Summit Lake State Park, 5993 N. Messick Road, New Castle, IN

The moon will be nearly full. With a clear sky, it will be bright for another great moonlight paddle. Sunset is at 9:13pm, while the moonrise is at 6:35pm. This means we should have adequate light for paddling, barring any cloud cover. Make sure you bring a flashlight or headlamp and feel free to add additional lighting to your boat. We'll paddle around the lake for a few hours then head in.

There is always plenty of wildlife to see, including beavers, turtles and birds.

We will meet at the boat ramp near the boat rental concession area (turn left when you enter the park) at 7:30pm and we will be on the water at 8:00-8:15pm. We'll paddle past sunset, enjoy the moonlight, then head in when the group decides.

Info for Summit Lake State Park can be found at Visit our IYAK File Section ( to download a park brochure. There is a $7 park admission fee (or annual state pass). They have a great camping facility, if anyone wants to explore the option to make it an overnight trip.

Price: $50 per single seat kayak, $60 for a tandem kayak.

Moonlight Padle at Eagle Creek Reservoir, Friday, August 16th, 7:00pm

Dandy Trail Boat Ramp, 4100 Dandy Trail, Indianapolis, IN

Time for another full moon paddle. This time we will be going to Eagle Creek. We will meet at the boat ramp on Dandy Trail near Rick's Cafe Boatyard. It costs $5 to use the marina. If you are renting a boat there is free parking between the marina and Rick's Cafe Boatyard. We will meet at 7pm and try to be on the water at 7:30pm. The "Sturgeon" moon is scheduled to rise about an hour after sunset. We will paddle around until the group wants to return. Since we will have plenty of time we should be able to paddle the entire length the reservoir and maybe up into the creek that feeds it. We may break up into two or more groups to accommodate those who want to return early and those who may want to stay out later.

Cost: $30 for a single seat kayak and $40 for a tandem.

Moonlight Paddle at Cagles Mill Lake, Saturday, September 14th, 6:00pm

We will meet at the Cunot Boat Ramp [] at 6:00pm and plan to be on the water by 6:30pm. From there we will paddle out to the Lower Cataract Falls. These are the largest waterfalls in the state and can be quite spectacular with sufficient water flow. We'll take a break at the falls. There are pit toilets at the falls, if you hike up to the top. We will then paddle back to the Cunot Boat Ramp. This is an 8 mile paddle and should last about four hours. You can download the Cagles Mill Lake & Cataract Falls Brochures from our IYAK Files Section ( Sunset is at 7:55pm and moonrise is at 8:35pm. That means we should have good light most of the time we're on the water if there are no clouds.

Cost: $50 for a single seat kayak and $60 for a tandem.

Recurring Events (scheduled)

Two Hour Thursday - Geist Reservoir Evening Paddle Biweekly Thursdays, 6-9pm, with IYAK (Indiana Kayakers)
Two Hour Tuesday - Eagle Creek Reservoir Evening Paddle Biweekly Tuesdays, 6-9pm, with IYAK (Indiana Kayakers)
Full Moon Evening/Night Paddle  3-4 hours, Monthly, with IYAK (Indiana Kayakers)


Local Indy Area Trips (scheduled & upon request)

White River - Forest Park to 116th St 4-6 hours
White River - 116th St to Broad Ripple 4-6 hours

White River - Lafayette Trace Park to Potter's Bridge (Noblesville) 5-6 hours
Explore Geist Reservoir 3-5 hours
Explore Eagle Creek Park & Reservoir 3-5 hours


Around Indiana Trips (scheduled & upon request)

Cagles Mill Lake Moonlight Paddle: Approximately 7-8 miles from Cunot Boat Ramp to Cataract Falls and back. 3-4 Hours
Falls of the Ohio (River) 3-6 hours
Historic Ghost Ship Voyage (Ohio River) 3-6 hours
East Fork White River - Medora to Sparksville 5-6 hours

East Fork White River - Azalia to Seymour 5-6 hours
White River - Paragon to Spencer 5-6 hours
Eel River - Laketon to Stockdale 4-6 hours
Driftwood River 5-6 hours
Sugar Creek: 5-6 hours,

Blue River 5-6 hours
Big Walnut Creek 4-6 hours

Tippecanoe River 5-6 hours
Explore Racoon Lake 3-6 hours
Explore Summit Lake 3-6 hours

Explore Monroe Lake 3-6 hours
Explore Starve-Hollow Lake 3-6 hours






FKA Reservation Cancellation Policy

  • All event rentals must be paid in full to guarantee your reservation.
  • Our cancellation policy enables us to efficiently pre-plan every event.
  • Participant cancellations made at least 7 days prior to the event will receive a full refund.
  • Participants cancelling with more than 48 hours’ notice will receive a 50% refund.
  • Participant cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will receive no refund.
  • Replacement Clause: Find a suitable replacement for your spot and we will refund any fees, no questions asked.
  • No-shows forfeit all fees paid.
  • If we cancel due to an emergency, extreme weather or lack of enrollment, you may reschedule or receive a full refund. In the event of cancellation, we will make every attempt to contact you in a timely fashion.

Custom Mobile Boat Rentals

When you're ready for a day of fun in the sun, plan ahead for your next kayaking trip by contacting Freedom Kayak Adventures for mobile boat rentals. We're based in Indianapolis, Indiana, but deliver boats to locations throughout the state.

If you don't find an existing event to join us, Submit a Booking Request to secure mobile boat rentals for your favorite flatwater or river trip today.

We have many kayaks available for rent. We have recreational boats with comfortable seats, adjustable foot pegs, and a weight limit of 350 pounds. We have touring and sea kayaks available, plus SUPs (stand up paddleboards).

Lake, Mobile Boat Rentals in Indianapolis, IN

Group Mobile Kayak & SUP Pricing (minimum 6)

It's $50+ per day for a single-seat kayak and $60+ for our double-seater (tandem), plus a fuel surcharge fee based on the distance travelled.

We provide a life vest (PFD), paddle, and a safety whistle for every kayaker.

Our fees include the cost of delivery and end-of-the-day pickup.

Individual Mobile Kayak & SUP Rentals

Don't have six or more people wanting to paddle? Join us on one of our scheduled trips above or tag along with the group, IYAK - Indiana Kayakers on one of their trips that we support.


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